On Thursdays we blog…except when we don’t

When I launched this blog a month or so ago, I vowed to write one new blog post each week on topics related to my writing process and current projects. Having a regular writing schedule is good for any writer. (There’s lots of research that shows that writing on a consistent daily basis, even for short periods of time, ultimately produces more work than writing once in a while for hours on end.) And, let’s get real, my goal is for you to read this and for this to serve as marketing for my novels. A regular schedule helps readers know when to check in.

But, of course, I was silly about things like vacations. I had fully intended to write ahead and set up my posts on a schedule like a well-prepared, type A personality. Instead, I was throwing the only three clean shirts I had into a duffel bag at the last five minutes and – whoops! – no blog posts.

Well, breaks are good for the soul and mind. Mine certainly was. I hope you are able to take some time to yourself this summer, too. And I’ll be back with updates next week.