The Queen Has a Cold

The Queen Has a Cold is a nonconforming romance that’s fun and lighthearted.”

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“It takes a very brave author to be willing to wade into the fraught territory of intersex romance, but this is what we’ve come to expect from Kolven. As she did in The Holiday Detour — in which a lesbian cisgender woman falls in love with a nonbinary person — she manages to address the issue of intersex identity with tact and grace.”

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The Holiday Detour

“It’s a wonderful read about respect and genderqueer representation.”

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“Ms. Kolven has a magic touch for blending humour, action and some really memorable characters. Dana’s got to be one of the most adork-able characters I’ve come across – there’s a wonderfully refreshing honesty and realness to her and when she starts overthinking and babbling, it’s a riot.”

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Kolven’s debut novel The Holiday Detour. The quirky MC is facing some big life changes, and we get an inside view of her thoughts and feelings as she processes them all. A journey of self knowledge, told in a fun and light-hearted way, I’m looking forward to more by this talented author.”

Trio, October 14, 2020

I really adored this book. It was wacky and fun and adorable…The characters in this book were just so wonderful – warm and unique and hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times in this book – the dialogue was witty and the situations Dana and Charlie got into were ridiculous.”

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“Hallmark, take notes! This is the kind of Queer content I needed going into Autumn. If you’re tired of (or never enjoyed) typical lesfic romance themes, give this one a try. I feel like this was a pilot to my new fav LGBTQ sitcom!”

JoeyM, September 11, 2020

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a fairly easy read that offered some laughter, as well as romance and even dappled in some serious matters. The characters in my opinion were well developed to the point I almost felt as though I knew them.”

Read the full review by Erin Lewicki at Goodreads (October 3, 2020)

The Holiday Detour had me with its opening scene and it didn’t let go until its very end…It’s a highly entertaining and completely satisfying read. Jane Kolven is a writer that knows how to bring substance to a feel-good romantic comedy.”

Read the full review at the Lesbian Book Blog (September 9, 2020)

“Romance novelist Jane Kolven’s debut novel is a crowd-pleaser full of wit, charm, and love…In many ways, it is a Hallmark movie. Seen in that light, it really does succeed. It really lets you lose yourself in a fantasy, gauzy world of romance and love and feelings and sentiment.”

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